It’s 2016, Let’s Get This Over With

Alright! We’re now into 2016! And once again we’re going to have all sorts of fun number facts that come throughout the year. Let’s see what we’ll have.

Will There Be Palindrome Dates?

In the Day / Month / Year format we’ll have 6/1/16 (January 6th, 2016 … coming up!).

Erik Postma points out

In the Month / Day / Year format we’ll have 6/1/16, 6/10/16, 6/11/16, …, 6/19/16.

We’ll also have “upside down and backwards day” 9/1/16 (either January 9th or September 1st, depending on the format).

Will \(\pi\) Day Be Cool Like Last Year?

Oh, you betcha! Last year was awesome in that it was 3/14/15 and \(\pi\) to a bunch of places is \(3.1415…\). This year, we’lll have 3/14/16 and if we look at \(\pi\) to a bunch more places we have \(3.14159…\) which rounds to \(3.1416\). So it’ll be rounded \(\pi\) day as opposed to last year’s truncated \(\pi\) day.

But did you know that every day can be some type of \(\pi\) day? For example, February 14th, often referred to as “Valentine’s Day” is really \(\pi – 1\) day (with rounding or truncation, you pick your fancy). But somehow those constants are not as cool. But of course, we have

It’s A Leap Year!

We have February 29th this year! And \(2^{29} = 536870912\) which gets all the digits except the digit \(4\)!

Is There Some Mind Blowing Arithmetic For 2016?

Yes there is!

We have 2/4/16 which gives us \(2^{4} = 16\) and 4/2/16 which gives us \(4^{2} = 16\) and the whole world will get to celebrate those on the same day because the date format won’t matter!

We also have 4/8/16 (April 8th or August 4th depending on date format).

And Twitter has been abuzz about it.

2016 is triangular!

But 2016 is also hexagonal! It’s the 32nd hexagonal number since \(32 \times (2\times 32 – 1) = 2016\).

Then there’s good ol’ @AlgebraFact

And in the comments we see the Devil’s mark

Followed up with some more palindrome fun

And because we’re in multiplication land, we also have \(42 \times 2 \times 24\) as a palindrome.

We also have our fascination with binary representation.

And Ben Vitale cranks it up a notch with this question

Any Predictions For 2016?

It’s an election year in the US. I predict some type of tax holiday to buy voters in swing states as well as other skullduggery of this nature.

I also predict that I’ll publish my book by the end of this year. It may start like this.

If you have other fun facts about 2016, leave a comment!

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