1226221 Is A Fascinating Number

The number \(1226221\) is a semi-prime [meaning that it has only 2 prime factors] and can be written as $$1021 \times 1201$$

Now, what’s interesting about this is that \(1021 \times 1201\) is a palindromic expression (it reads the same backwards as it does forwards inclusive of the multiplication symbol). Even more interesting is that \(1226221\) is a palindromic number. Thus, what we have is this math-palindromic statement $$1021 \times 1201 = 1226221 = 1021 \times 1201$$

Also note that $$111211 \times 112111 = 12467976421 = 111211 \times 112111$$ also works.

What other palindromic semi-primes are there with distinct prime factors and yield a palindromic factorization like that of \(1226221\) and \(12467976421\)?

It’s doubtful that there is anything interesting from a number theoretic standpoint, but these are nice curios.

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