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Playful Math Education Carnival: #134

It’s the 134th (wow!) installment of the Playful Math Education Carnival!

What numerology is there in the number 134?

  • \(1 + 3 = 4\)
  • In honor of Super Groundhog Day (02/02/2020 … a palindromic date!) we have \(134 + 431 = 565\)
  • \(134 = (9-7)\times(2^{6} + 8-5) + 0\) … a pandigital expression!

Ok, now on to the blogs! And in this one, we’ll also extend to videos!

Super Bowl! Check out this activity with Roman numerals.

Now, I know this is a little old, but I recently found this beautiful video explaining the 2016 Nobel Prize. It’s a must watch!!

THE HAIRY NOBEL from Charlotte Arene on Vimeo.

Now moving to a slightly less complicated topic, we have this submission from
Tom Bennison. Do check it out and give him some feedback on the five questions he has.

Earlier in January, Jim Doherty, had this write-up about an inspired approach by one of his students on polynomial division.

Staying in integration land, we have some advice from Colin Beveridge about inverse trig integrals.

In Twitter puzzle-land, I found this cute one:

I have a solution. Do you?

Next, we have a stellar write-up by Evelyn Lamb on measurement.

What’s so special about this sequence?

Well, check out who the author is at OEIS.

This concludes the first Playful Math Education Carnival for 2020! The next one is hosted at, who also submitted this Countdown to 2020!

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