Data Analytics and Quantitative Services

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Software Services

Coupled with the data analytics and quantitative services I offer, let me help you build software tools to automate away manual processes.

  • How much time are you or your staff spending on manual spreadsheet manipulations?
  • Do you have a lot of good data but have no way to show it in a professional and marketable manner?
  • Do you need specialized reports, but creating them takes up too much time?

If you find that a lot of your team's time is spent on administrative tasks rather than tasks core to your business functions, then help is an email away.

Professional Development Bootcamps

As a practicing mathematician and programmer, part of my income is derived from writing (quantitative) software for my business clients. This is often specialized software for their specific needs and what I write runs the gamut from simple reporting tools that compute whatever statistics of interest, to building on top of third party data visualization software, to clustering algorithms for identifying similarities across a variety of products.

To do all of this requires the one-two punch of mathematics and programming. If you are looking to complement your mathematics skills with programming or complement your programming skills with mathematics or learn both, get in touch and we can arrange an appropriate bootcamp session as well as discuss pricing and scheduling. I can work with individuals one-on-one or conduct training seminars for educational institutions and businesses. I can come on site so that the training can be done in-house and your staff's workday isn't disrupted because of commute.

The bootcamps vary in length depending on your or your organization's needs. The bootcamps come in three varieties:

Weekend Bootcamp: 10 hours

This is great if the interest is in seeing what's available and what's possible.

Extended Stay Bootcamp: 20 hours

The twenty-hour bootcamp has a similar flow as the Weekend Bootcamp. The additional ten hours are spent towards programming exercises and possibly even solving a problem at your institution.

University Bootcamp: 40 hours

The university style course is exactly that. A full-length academic treatment of the selected topic.

Programming Bootcamps

The programming bootcamps are directed towards any individual or organization, both industrial and academic, who want additional expertise. Even if you or your staff have no programming experience, the efficiencies that can be gained by learning how to automate routine, mechanical process make the time and effort spent in training well worth it.

Teachers and Schools!

If you work at a primary or secondary education institution and you would like more programming in your mathematics courses, then I provide a perfect PD solution. I have taught programming courses at the university level, I teach mathematics, and I incorporate programming into the courses I teach. In addition, I consult in industry as a mathematician and programmer. I can give "real world" contexts. I can teach programming to mathematics teachers and align it with curriculum --- Common Core or not. See below for the different levels of training I can provide. Even one day of programming training can open up what can be done in a math class! The Weekend Bootcamp is ideal! Ask for a brochure!

Some languages

Here are a few programming languages in which I can provide extensive training. Each language has its strengths and weaknesses. If you are new to programming and unsure of what to learn, or you have some projects that you need some programming muscle, just ask how I can help! I am also well-versed in spreadsheet and word processing software.

  • Python
  • C++
  • Web Programming: HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • Visual Basic for Applications (for automating spreadsheet tasks)

Quantitative Bootcamps

I offer quantitative bootcamps on a variety of subjects including, but not limited to Probability Theory, Statistics and Data Analysis, Simulation Methods (Monte Carlo, quasi-Monte Carlo, etc.), as well as hands-on training for using your favorite spreadsheet software for data analytics. For the interested individual or organization, please feel free to request brochure for the topic of interest. If there is a specifc need, not mentioned above, just ask! Odds are I can provide it! I can deliver topics at a basic level to a graduate level.