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This blog is not about how miserable math is. Math is not misery! Math is fun, beautiful, practical, useful, and true. Instead, the title “Math Misery?” aims to convey the general feeling that the majority of people have when it comes to working with mathematics.

Why is this though? Why is it that across all walks of life, the subject of mathematics instills fear, panic, and general anxiety among people? I can speculate on a lot of reasons. Our education system has a misguided way of teaching the subject matter. This, in turn, creates a feedback loop. Kids become adults. Adults become parents. Parents don’t emphasize mathematics because they didn’t understand it. Rinse and repeat and we have what we have today.

There’s also a general misunderstanding about what mathematics is. Many believe that being “good at math” means being able to compute mentally and quickly. Many people also do not understand what mathematicians do. “Oh, you’re a mathematician? Where do you teach?” And if this is the sentiment, why should one bother studying mathematics, if all one would do is just teach it?

Even the simplest topics like basic arithmetic are taught in such a painful way, it is no wonder people shy away from further study.

This blog like so many other math-related blogs aims to bring awareness about what mathematics is and what mathematicians do. There are (or will be) tools for teachers, students, practitioners, and just anyone curious.

As is the case with most blogs, the content here is for educational purposes. Our language is discrete, but our cognitive processes are far more granular. There is no expectation that a given method, solution, pedagogy, etc. will work 100% of the time for 100% of the students. Educators know their students the best and should find the appropriate pedagogical and didactic methods. In other words, use sound judgment when teaching and don’t expect a miracle method.

With that said, I hope that you will be able to find answers, ideas, and friends here.

NJEA 2018

Did you come to our "Math in Motion" session? Did you miss it? We covered a whole host of topics from how to get students moving when learning about least common multiples to setting up a human number line to working through a traveling salesman problem. There are activities for all grade levels and all ability levels.


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