Alphanumeric Puzzle 8 — Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right, Five Do

We all know the old saying “two wrong don’t make a right”. The reason for this, of course, is math. It turns out that WRONG + WRONG = RIGHT has several solutions. But so does RIGHT + RIGHT = WRONG. This is a contradiction! If two wrongs equal a right and two rights equal a wrong, well that’s just wrong. It turns out that the first time we don’t have a contradiction is at five wrongs. WRONG + WRONG + WRONG + WRONG + WRONG = RIGHT, but 5 RIGHTs can’t add up to a wrong. So if you really want to be right, either just be right, or be wrong five times. Also, if you really don’t like rugby, replace RIGHT with RUGBY and you have a new puzzle with the same solutions! Anyway, enough tomfoolery. Let’s get on with today’s puzzle!

Were you able to figure out yesterday’s puzzle? There were four solutions.

And here’s today’s puzzle! Amazingly there are five solutions.

Want a hint?

WRONG + WRONG + WRONG + WRONG + WRONG = RIGHT, can  you solve this?

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