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Palindrome Countdown!

Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero! It’s a palindrome countdown!

  • Seven eves
  • Six at pa’s. ASAP, taxis!
  • Now five bev, if won
  • Subaru of four — a bus
  • Roger got three beer, h/t to Gregor
  • Oh we’re here. Wow two were here! Who?
  • One? No.
  • Ode: we, I, desire divide no zero. Rezone, divide, rise, die, we do.

If you’re wondering, “h/t” is shorthand for “hat tip“. Palindromes for nine and ten are easy, but getting one for eight proved tough. The most I could think of was to do something with “*th gie*”, but words with beginning with “gie” are few — they are gie, gied, gies, and gieing and Merriam-Webster gives “gie” to be a “chiefly Scottish variant of give“. Hence, the countdown began at seven.

And here’s a bonus one given our election year mess.

Fool, aloof, senile, dismal.
Debated ace cadet?
A bedlam sidelines fool, aloof.

I’m a little behind on blog posts! Forthcoming is my session at #NJPAECET2 from a few weeks ago! Stay tuned. In the meanwhile, tell me which your favorite palindrome was!

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